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A talk from Sir Matthew Pinsent

26 October 2018 | Phil Brown

The BBC2 series, ‘Saving Lives at Sea’ has undoubtedly heightened awareness of the great work that the RNLI and its brave volunteers do on a regular basis.

As part of our ongoing support for the RNLI, through our lifesaver and marketing efforts, the OneGTM team recently enjoyed an evening at Chiswick RNLI to hear a talk given by the four-time Olympic champion, Sir Matthew Pinsent.

We were captivated by the drive and determination that’s required to step onto that top podium, and the highs and lows of becoming an Olympic athlete. Stories ranged from how Matthew Pinsent began his rowing career to how his dynamic partnership with Sir Steve Redgrave was initiated.

As part of his talk, Sir Matthew was able to give us an insight not only into the tough physical training regime for all those years, but also the mental strength and focus that is needed in the tense few minutes before a race.

Towards the end of the evening, we got a rare opportunity to see all four of his gold medals. This certainly inspired the OneGTM team to continue the dedication and drive we champion in our own work in order to reach new heights of achievement – although a gold medal may be slightly out of reach!

Chiswick RNLI holds a number of events throughout the year which range from inspirational talks to comedy shows. Click here to find out more about these events and how you can support the RNLI.