ABM: Fad or Fortune?

Account Based Marketing, or ABM, is one of the most talked about trends in B2B marketing. ABM enthusiasts make many claims – from improved Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) to enhanced customer advocacy – but for those companies that have gone down the ABM route, has reality lived up to the hype? And how can you ensure you maximise the return on your ABM programme? ...

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From LinkedIn to leads

Being able to laser target marketing to very specific audiences has long been the holy grail of B2B marketers, which helps to explain the growing importance of LinkedIn as a way to reach targeted decision-makers. With improved analytics and filtering,LinkedIn is coming into its own as a mechanism to support Account Based Marketing (ABM) and generate highly targeted leads. A huge number of B2B marketers (94%) say they are using LinkedIn to distribute content.[1] But to take advantage of the LinkedIn opportunity you need a clear strategy that aligns with your broader marketing programmes. Otherwise you risk investing in lots of activity that doesn’t ultimately deliver sales. So how can you maximise the potential of LinkedIn to accelerate your demand generation efforts? ...

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OneGTM shortlisted for B2B Awards 2019

There was an unmistakable buzz here at the OneGTM office, upon learning that we had been shortlisted for the 2019 B2B Marketing Awards! ...

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