Sharing AVMI’s Vision: Creating a Highly Impactful Corporate video

AVMI, a leading global AV integrator, have been at the forefront of using AV technology in innovative ways for over 30 years. They have completed a wide range of specialist projects along the years, including the modernising of AMTrust International’s office environment to drive employee productivity, the creation of Rocketspace’s new London co-working tech campus, and the AV development of both the Conde Nast and the Rathbones new headquarters. In 2019, AVMI won first place at InAVation for the Corporate Facility of the Year, with the design and delivery of the ‘special areas’ for Bloomberg’s London HQ. ...

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Helping Equinix partners respond rapidly to the new reality

In a recent blog we discussed the importance of vendors and service providers proactively supporting their channel partners during the current Covid-induced crisis. OneGTM client, Equinix offers a great example of how a company can move quickly to help partners, and by extension those partners’ customers, to respond to the challenges presented by COVID-19. ...

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8 steps to better through-channel marketing

Through-channel marketing has never been more important. Vendors use it to get cut through in competitive markets by leveraging channel partners’ unrivalled understanding of customer needs. But not all through-channel marketing campaigns are equal, and it can be all too easy to get things wrong. So, when it comes to through-channel marketing, what it is that separates the best from the rest? We’ve identified eight key factors that mark out the very best campaigns. Adopt these principles and the results will soon follow. ...

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