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Gearing up for fixed and remote working with Fujitsu

21 February 2019 | Phil Brown

Technology has enabled the number of remote workers to increase in recent years and it is now predicted that 50% of the UK workforce will work remotely by 2020. However, for many businesses, it is still beneficial to have a fixed office location as well as allowing flexible working and off-site collaboration. So how do you cover both bases? Fujitsu’s new campaign for its latest ScanSnap scanner does just that by enabling increased productivity in the office and on the move.

Until the end of March, Fujitsu is offering a free ScanSnap iX100 mobile scanner when their partners purchase the new flagship ScanSnap iX1500 one-touch scanner. For small businesses, the ScanSnap iX1500 maximises personal productivity and collaboration with one-touch document digitising and organising. The portable, rechargeable and Wi-Fi enabled ScanSnap iX100 scans directly to laptops, tablets and mobiles.

The promotional campaign – All you need when you’re in the office and all you need when you’re not – highlights the benefits for both office and mobile workers.

We produced a channel marketing kit featuring print ads, online banners, website and social media copy blocks, editable emails and a range of product-specific assets to help boost their sales. We got the channel on board with a series of emails highlighting the offer and the marketing kit, and continue to build their engagement with the campaign through ongoing reasons-to-act emails.

See the campaign landing page here.