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OneGTM conquers the maze

03 December 2018 | Phil Brown

These past 12 months have been a busy and exciting time for OneGTM. Not only have we grown our client base, our team has almost doubled in size.

To celebrate, we got the team together recently to review the highlights from 2018, discuss plans for 2019, share ideas have a bit of competitive fun. As the team is spread across the UK, this was a rare opportunity to celebrate our successes together.

In our business, creative challenges are an everyday occurrence – however, to round off 2018 we took on the ultimate challenge – The Crystal Maze experience.

This is based on the ‘90s TV series which requires teams of approx. six people to draw upon their varied skill set, tackling mental and physical challenges and collaborating to win crystals which equates to time allowance in the final challenge. Whichever team manages to capture the most ‘foil papers’ in the fan dome is the ultimate winner – it was down to the wire with only two foil pieces separating the winners, and yes, there was plenty of gloating by the winners and complaints of foul play by the losers (you know who you are)!

Amongst all the running and shouting, we enjoyed solving some of the deceptively difficult challenges and were able to get to know each other away from the office.

Overall it really was an a-MAZE-ing experience and a great way to celebrate 2018!