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The Art of Mister Rob

19 October 2011 | Phil Brown

The name on everybody’s lips at the moment is Rob Ryan. From today’s issue of Stylist I read on the tube en-route to the office this morning, to a recent Creative Review blog – Rob Ryan is a current favourite. And it’s no wonder why. This London-based artist – famous for his romantic, intricately detailed, laser cut artwork – is a creative genius (and a personal favourite!).

I was recently invited to attend the launch of the new Victorianox pocket knife – the Tomo – at their New Bond Street store. For the launch they teamed up with Mister Rob (as he is known), which was a perfect match as his area of skill is creating with nothing more than a pencil, paper and a sharp blade. On show in the store was an A1 sized Rob Ryan original commissioned for the launch (crop shown above) and it really was stunning.

I love the complex detail of the entire image where the stylised silhouettes are using their own pocket knives to seemingly create the artwork along with the lettering of his inspirational message strung up in the tree.

This leads on to the final part of the launch. Scattered around the store were iPad’s where we could type our own message into the online generator, which was then turned into a Rob Ryan style digital artwork ready to tweet or share on Facebook.

So, Mister Rob, keep up the good work and all the best with your new book that launched this month – ‘A Sky Full of Kindness’ – I’ll be getting myself a copy of that!