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Winning business through the channel

10 July 2015 | Phil Brown

Simultaneous technological and social transformations over the last decade have fundamentally changed the way in which B2B customers buy technology. With traditional sales and marketing approaches less and less effective, channel organisations are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain sales volumes and margins. In need of help, these organisations are turning to vendors for support, yet even they are struggling to understand the extent and implications of such change.

If technology organisations are to succeed in selling through the channel to today’s B2B buyer, a new approach is needed. To help address the challenges faced by channel partners and vendors, OneGTM has published a new paper – ‘Winning Business through the Channel: the need for change’. The paper looks at why a different approach is required in today’s B2B landscape and what vendors should do differently to help their channel partners succeed.

Download our insight paper “Winning business through the channel” here.