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Channel Marketing

Getting partners on your side

We’ve worked hard to build up an impressive track record of helping vendors grow their channel business (amongst many other channel-related awards, we’ve won CRN’s Channel Agency of the Year twice). From motivating partner buy-in to nurturing key relationships, we know the channel inside out.

We’ve found that, too often, the channel is treated like a bit part player when it comes to marketing support. Our approach is different. To hit go-to-market goals, we believe you need an in-depth understanding of the channel landscape, what drives partners and what they need to be successful.

Whatever stage you’re at in your channel journey – researching potential routes-to-market, planning your channel strategy, developing a partner proposition, recruiting new partners, building effective enablement programmes or driving through-channel demand generation – we’ll help accelerate your success.

Driving Growth Through the Channel: eGuide

Every aspect of B2B technology channel marketing has undergone profound change in recent years, and there are a number of factors driving this change. Executing TCM effectively can be hard, but it’s not rocket science. Applying best practice, and a bit of common sense, can make a big difference to the success of your initiatives.

In this eGuide, we’ve set out the ten principles of successful through-channel marketing.

This eGuide covers:

  • Why through-channel marketing (TCM) has increased in importance
  • The common issues that prevent TCM initiatives achieving their goals
  • Our tips for delivering successful TCM programmes
  • TCM in action: OneGTM case studies 

Let’s talk

Got a specific go-to-market issue you’d like our opinion on? Not sure if we can help, but think it might be worth checking us out anyway?

We’re always happy to pick up the phone, jump on a video call or talk by email.