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Vertical Marketing

Taking you higher when going vertical

We create vertical go-through-market programmes that attract buyers’ attention by demonstrating your relevance to them. How you can address their specific challenges. How you’ve helped similar businesses. And we make sure every element is aligned – from industry insights and marketing strategy to creative content and sales enablement.

Given that today’s technology buyers aren’t interested in generic content, you need real insight into the sector-specific trends, drivers and challenges they face. You need a compelling story that speaks to their needs and a strategy for reaching them. Then you need the sales enablement and demand generation tools that enable you to build pipeline and close sales.

The Power of Verticals: eGuide

Your vertical marketing strategy could be anything from creating simple, industry-specific landing pages and adapted messaging, to developing distinct GTM models for each sector.

Whatever your approach, our eGuide takes you through the key considerations for ensuring you:

  • Build programmes that are informed by each vertical's context, drivers and challenges
  • Establish a framework that maximises value and enables easy, effective roll-out to new verticals
  • Embed alignment across all relevant teams and stakeholders throughout the business

Our eGuide covers:

  • How vertical should you be?
  • How can you create compelling, sector-specific content?
  • How can you make sure that the whole business is aligned?

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