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Channel recruitment and education for Clay by SALTO

SALTO wanted to recruit new channel partners for its new product, Clay, the world’s first cloud-based, wireless electronic locking solution for the SMB market. OneGTM developed a series of impressive playbooks that successfully recruited and educated various channel partners.

The Client

SALTO is the fastest growing electronic access control company in the world. Since launching in 2001, it has revolutionised the market by continually being first to anticipate market needs and repeatedly setting new standards in the industry.

The Challenge

In 2013, SALTO introduced Clay, the world’s first cloud-based, wireless electronic locking solution for the SMB market - a new concept, product and target audience. While anyone working in IT might be undoubtedly excited about the cloud’s potential, other sectors where it is not prevalent or a radical new concept might not always welcome such a transition or be as convinced by its benefits. Therefore the requirement was to educate potential channel partners, explaining the cloud and introducing Clay, a radical new product in their sector and to persuade them about the benefits for their customers and the opportunity for their business.

Our Solution

OneGTM was engaged by SALTO to help develop the Clay messaging and the brand assets required to recruit partners and to help activate them once onboard. The messaging included core value propositions, supporting benefits and the elevator pitch for both partners and their customers. The brand assets included a high impact interactive ‘Why Sell Clay’ playbook to introduce partners to the product, the proposition and the potential revenue opportunity to get them excited and to provide them with all the information they need to become a partner. A second playbook was created for partners once onboard, providing them with all the information they need to market, demonstrate and sell Clay by SALTO effectively. Content was developed to help partners identify opportunities within their existing client base and to help them identify potential new ones. Target groups were profiled by business type and their respective access control challenges which were matched with the relevant Clay feature and benefit. Content was also developed to help partners give the perfect demo and to help overcome any objections they encounter during the selling process.

The Results

The playbooks have been very well received internally across the SALTO global office network and will be launched to the channel in February 2014.

What the client said...

Thanks for all your great work! Through OneGTM, our channel programme has moved into the Premiership League.

Jennifer Stack, Vice President Marketing​

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