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Developing a strategic marketing framework and GTM strategy for Engage

Engage wanted to sustain and accelerate its growth by pursuing a number of emerging market opportunities. OneGTM developed a strategic marketing framework as well as a set of propositions and go-to-market plans that successfully addressed each of Engage’s priority opportunities.

The Client

Engage is a leading consultancy specialising in providing independent, trusted, expert advice to energy and utilities clients in the UK and globally.

The Challenge

Engage has grown steadily since its formation in 2000, primarily as a result of its deep expertise and strong relationships within the UK utilities sector. To enable it to sustain and accelerate its growth, the company wanted to pursue a number of emerging market opportunities, including smart grid programmes and new market entrants. However, the company recognised that adding to its in-house expertise and resources would assist it in building a set of compelling propositions and go-to-market plans to address these new opportunities more quickly.

Our Solution

OneGTM was engaged to run a two-stage process to support Engage’s business development strategy. The first phase involved working with the management team to define a strategic marketing framework for the business, which would provide clarity and confirm consensus about Engage’s core brand values, value proposition and desired competitive positioning. The second phase focused on developing a set of propositions and go-to-market plans to address each of Engage’s priority opportunities. As a by-product of this process we also provided Engage with a methodology and template for developing further go-to-market plans in future.

The Results

The project provided Engage with clarity around which target segments to focus on, what its offering to those segments should be and how it could clearly articulate its value to prospective customers. The go-to-market plan also helped the company identify which activities to invest in to build awareness and generate opportunities, and provided a framework for managing the implementation.

What the client said...

A very valuable exercise which delivered exactly what we hoped for. This has helped us get greater clarity and focus around how we go-to-market and how we communicate the value of what we do, both internally and externally. The management team all recognise the value that this has delivered.

Amy Cooke Head of Business Development, Engage Consulting

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