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Helping Centrica Business Solutions realise the potential of distributed energy

Centrica Business Solutions needed to build a compelling market story to support its GTM strategy. OneGTM built a comprehensive messaging framework, including strong vertical propositions, and developed a range of tools and assets to support its sales and marketing programmes.

The Client

Centrica Business Solutions is a new business within Centrica plc, a global energy and services company. Centrica Business Solutions was established to help businesses take advantage of the changing energy landscape and realise the potential of distributed energy technologies to improve operational efficiency, increase resilience and build a more sustainable future.

The Challenge

We started working with Centrica Business Solutions in early-2017, well in advance of the new brand being launched to the market. The new business had been built by bringing together several acquired companies along with a number of innovative solutions that had been developed within the Centrica Group.

The company recognised that, if it was to be successful in meeting its ambitious growth targets, then it needed to go to market with a compelling, unifying story, which would enable it to set out a clear point of view about the implications of distributed energy technologies for businesses, and communicate how Centrica Business Solutions’ end-to-end portfolio of energy solutions could help enterprises address some of their key challenges.

Our Solution

OneGTM were part of a multi-agency team formed to support the launch of the new business. Our primary areas of responsibility were to build a comprehensive market story for Centrica Business Solutions, and then support the brand launch and ongoing go-to-market activity by developing a range of content assets, sales enablement tools and market-focused propositions.

The Results

The Centrica Business Solutions brand was successfully launched to the market in late-2017 and rolled out across nine international markets. The messaging and the tools we created have played an important role in establishing a strong and distinctive position for the company in its key markets, as well as enabling the sales teams to communicate a clear, unified story to customers and prospects. The business has experienced rapid growth over its first 18 months, helped by a number of successful demand generation campaigns.

New Centrica Business Solutions brand launched succesfully across 9 international markets

5 vertical GTM programmes launched

Campaign ROI 9 to 1

What the client said...

OneGTM have played an important role throughout the process of planning, launching and growing Centrica Business Solutions – from helping us initially develop a distinctive market story, through to building targeted vertical propositions, creating high-quality content assets and delivering tools to enable our sales channels.

Their support has been first-class throughout.

Simon Farr, Head of Marketing, Centrica Business Solutions

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