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Positioning Centrica Business Solutions as a thought leader in a new market

To position Centrica Business Solutions as thought leaders in the emerging electric vehicle (EV) enablement space, OneGTM helped them define their proposition, build a strong story and developed regionalised thought leadership white papers.

The Client

Providing energy expertise and distributed energy solutions to organisations around the world, Centrical Business Solutions improve operational efficiency, increase resilience and help customers to realise their pathway to net zero. By harnessing the power of power, Centrica Business Solutions helps customers become sustainable businesses through integrated energy solutions that balance both economic and environmental benefits.

The Challenge

One of the outcomes of an increasing focus on economic and environmental sustainability is creating a market shift towards the adoption of EV vehicles. Recognising this growth opportunity, CBS planned to introduce an EV enablement solution that helps customers transition to EV and achieve a cleaner, more sustainable and more efficient business.

They needed to position themselves as an EV enablement thought leader – creating products that deliver the infrastructure and software needed to operate EV – offering insights and guidance to both UK and US organisations looking to make the transition. Achieving this positioning required Centrica Business Solutions to demonstrate their understanding of the different market landscapes and customer needs in the UK and the US, develop a strong electric vehicle proposition and story, then create compelling content to engage C-suit executives during the discovery stage of their journey towards EV adoption.

Our Solution

We initially worked with Centrica Business Solutions to help establish their market positioning and define their go-to-market approach. This involved researching and producing a discovery and insights document for both the UK and US markets, enabling us to define CBS’ EV proposition and build a comprehensive market story.

Working with Centrica Business Solutions, we used the insight to frame Centrica Business Solutions positioning and provide the thread throughout a compelling thought leadership white paper, with a market-specific version for the different UK and US audiences. It examined the decarbonisation of transport, the challenges businesses face when transitioning to EV and how Centrica Business Solutions can solve these challenges.

The whitepaper provided, and continues to provide, the centrepiece for Centrica Business Solutions’ go-to-market activities on electric vehicles, including demand generation campaigns and executive engagement initiatives.

The Results

Our insights, messaging and whitepaper played an important role in establishing a strong and distinctive positioning for Centrica Business Solutions when they successfully launched their EV enablement proposition in 2019.

Demand generation campaigns in both the UK and US achieved over 700 downloads of the white paper in the first few months, delivering very healthy pipeline for Centrica Business Solutions’ EV enablement solutions.

What the client said...

The critical role OneGTM played in helping us launch our electric vehicle solution was to bring together a range of themes, insights and intelligence into a coherent narrative.

This has enabled Centrica Business Solutions to deliver high-quality campaigns and thought leadership material to our target markets - educating organisations in the UK and North America about the sustainable business advantages of EV and delivering leads and revenue to our business.

Nick Midegs, Product Marketing Manager at Centrica Business Solutions

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