Symantec partner engagement programme

Symantec recognised that partnerships were key to the growth of its managed security services business. We designed and built an end-to-end partner engagement programme which helped dramatically shorten the time to revenue for new partners.

We built an end-to-end Partner Engagement Programme which shortened the time to revenue for new partners.

The client

Symantec is one of the world's largest software companies with revenues in excess of $5bn.

The requirement

The company had a strategic objective to grow its cloud-based managed services business. Symantec recognised that to achieve this it needed to build much closer engagements with partners, and deliver more comprehensive tools to support partners' go-to-market activities.

The project

We designed and built an end-to-end Partner Engagement Programme for Symantec's managed services business to ensure that the right partners were recruited, that each partner had a comprehensive go-to-market plan in place, and that they had the right tools and support to effectively execute that plan. This included building the proposition to partners, defining a structured engagement process, running Joint Planning Workshops with key partners, designing an online business planning tool, and building an online go-to-market Toolkit to be used by partners.

The outcome

The new Partner Engagement Programme was hailed as a great success both within the client organisation and by its partners. The time for new partners to become productive was reduced significantly and the managed services channel grew rapidly following the implementation of the new process.

What they said

"Partners that have been through the programme are far more effective in driving revenues and the additional support and the tools they have enable them to be productive far quicker. It's made us a much easier company to do business with for managed services."

Cath Hackett, Global Services Partner Program Director, Symantec

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