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The Power of Vertical Marketing

The vertical marketing guide

every tech vendor should read

New technology tends to have different applications for different sectors, so it's no surprise vendors often take an industry specific go-to-market (GTM) approach. Focusing on industry verticals enables you to address buyers' specific pain points and demonstrate how your offering can be applied to give their business a competitive advantage. Giving your brand the profile, relevance, and authority you need to build more pipeline.

But are you sure you're following vertical marketing best practises to maximise the value of your programmes? To find out, simply download our eGuide: The Power of Verticals. Featuring 8 key principles for achieving vertical marketing success, it's a must-read for B2B tech companies.

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Why read this eGuide?

Your vertical marketing strategy could be anything from creating simple, industry-specific landing pages and adapted messaging, to developing distinct GTM models for each sector.

Whatever your approach, our eGuide takes you through the key considerations for ensuring you:

  • Build programmes that are informed by each vertical's context, drivers and challenges
  • Establish a framework that maximises value and enables easy, effective roll-out to new verticals
  • Embed alignment across all relevant teams and stakeholders throughout the business

This eGuide covers:

  • Why the value of vertical marketing is increasing
  • The benefits you gain by going vertical
  • How to decide on your level of verticalisation
  • 8 guiding principles for vertical success

About OneGTM

Our areas of expertise include

OneGTM is an award-winning B2B technology marketing agency specialising in vertical marketing. We have built highly effective vertical marketing programmes for the likes of Samsung, Cisco, Vodafone, Centrica Business Solutions and Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Building lasting relations with our clients, we have helped them to identify and prioritise key vertical opportunities, carve our their unique sector-specific positioning and propositions, deepen their engagement with the right target audience and reduce the cost of customer acquisition.

  •  Providing industry intelligence and insights
  • Developing sector-specific propositions and messaging
  • Building integrated vertical campaigns
  • Supporting sales and channel enablement

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