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Sharing AVMI’s Vision: Creating a Highly Impactful Corporate video

28 May 2020 | OneGTM

AVMI, a leading global AV integrator, have been at the forefront of using AV technology in innovative ways for over 30 years. They have completed a wide range of specialist projects along the years, including the modernising of AMTrust International’s office environment to drive employee productivity, the creation of Rocketspace’s new London co-working tech campus, and the AV development of both the Conde Nast and the Rathbones new headquarters. In 2019, AVMI won first place at InAVation for the Corporate Facility of the Year, with the design and delivery of the ‘special areas’ for Bloomberg’s London HQ.

To showcase their unrivalled expertise in AV design and technology, as well as their delivery of some of the world’s most innovative and specialist projects, AVMI wanted to create a hard-hitting corporate video. The video was to clearly articulate the value of their AV services to their prospective customers through an attention grabbing creative treatment, while positioning them as a credible and dominant player in the AV industry.

We were delighted by the opportunity to bring AVMI’s story to life through this project, and delivered a high-impact, engaging corporate video.

“Since launching the video (6 days ago), the feedback has been nothing but positive and so many of our employees have said how the video makes them feel proud to work at AVMI. Absolutely smashing job, thank you!”

– Meghan van Zyl, Marketing Manager at AVMI

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AVMI Corporate Video